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Escort casting

Escort castingEscorting modelA rare girl would happily spend her precious time on useless labor with salaries so insufficient they hardly cover her basic needs. Now isn't it? Just saying offhand, job perspectives for a girl without working experience in Kazan is often limited to a waitress or a salesperson in a market. It's sad because neither talents nor intelligence are in most cases no great shakes unless you have some special contacts. What we offer is something more than just a day job. This can be a perfect launch pad for a future career in any sphere, because we offer such new acquaintances as directors, top-managers, big companies' СEOs.... you can estimate the help it will give you if you have already learned the true meaning of acquaintances in modern life.

Career in Escorting sphere is a gift for almost every young woman. The escort casting is fairly demanding which makes it hard for every person to join this society but it's really awarding. If you pass - it means nonetheless you are an ideal woman.

Why we do that? What will you get?

We aimed at fulfilling our clients' ambitions. You may contribute to that. Needless to mention, that we are not discussing intercourse for money - this is not what our agents are supposed to perform. Well, of course, unless they want it irrespective of their duties. It means that we control the process as carefully as it takes and help our employees in case the risk of sexual harassment appears.

So what we demand of our potential employees? Mostly it is spending time on different events serving men as companion to produce an effect of success, welfare and luxury. Our clients are often influential and famous men which means the woman we are looking for not only possesses perfect appearance but is charismatic, charming and flawless in her manners as well. As the stage to perform on is top-drawer most often, our clients expect exclusive style and grooming. Dressing should also be impeccable.

What are the responsibilities? Escorting services is about being yourself and enjoying it. Escorting a client itself is a fine way to relax. Being a companion, you follow the client wherever he goes, be it abroad trips, closed VIP parties, business meetings. Isn't that exactly many young women dream about - new people, useful acquaintances which guide to the higher society? Stay true to yourself, express your interests and emotions, be nice and earn what you are worthy of. You will succeed in doing so - if you've passed the test, undoubtedly. Face the new way of life, embrace it - from now on your possibilities loss their limits.

We make the job offer to young women (including students and post-graduates) in Kazan, with guaranteed decent income, a lot of experience, presence at the events you will always remember of. A different world with new opportunities will meet you, let alone possible promotion if you are interested in fashion business. If you are the person waiting to reveal your personality, stand up and make this call. We are happy to meet you, the smart woman, spreading beauty and woman's worth wherever you are.