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Work abroad

The main reason for which many of the ladies came to collaborate with our escort service agency is bound to be the sweet possibility to travel around the world, stay in the most luxurious hotels in capitals, hanging out surrounded by top-drawer and anything connected. There is always a lot of work to do in our field. Once a lady has been chosen by a client, we immediately start preparing her to what's expecting her.

We book a first class hotel apartment in advance, consult the girl regarding how to behave in another country to reach the top-class productivity in the service. Those sociocultural tips may especially become handy if the client is heading to the Southern Asia, Arabic Emirates, the UK. The escort agency is responsible for picking up suits and dresses most appropriate for the type of the event.

The escort agency's administration will support you for as long as the trip lasts. One can't take everything into account in advance, so for every unpredicted occasion the support team hold the line for the girls via Skype or a mobile phone.

The mission of what we do is to provide the clients with the best service available in Kazan. Our city has always been famous for its beauties and as a center of education in Russia. So our job is meant to sustain this good reputation. Work abroad in escorting fabulous personalities is our business, and for our ladies it is the style of life and a very rewarding profession.